Frequently Asked Questions

In four category you can find answer for your frequently asked questions.

1. Submit your request
Simply click on the "Rent" button and then go through the payment process. If you want to pay later, simply leave the product in your shopping cart. Leasing is also very beneficial for the environment. Fewer products to buy, less rubbish, more responsible choices! You don't have to borrow to get valuable things. Hire them at a discount!
2. Approved by the landlord
Our company will review your request within a few minutes and forward it to the landlord. The landlord will approve or reject the application within one hour.
3. Check with the landlord
Check with the landlord where and when they will meet to exchange the product. Most users are very flexible and helpful.

5 easy step you can upload your product, add name and description
add location
upload pictures about your product
select category
set prices

Go to product details page and just click 'Rent' button

You can set your billing and mailing address, email address and password

You can see on this page all rents from other user, you can accept or cancel other user bookings.

On this page you can see all your booking history and pay all inprogress booking after owner accepted booking request.

On messages page you see all conversation with other user after booking.

You just need to fill fullname, email address, password, password again, accepting terms and cookies. Click Sign Up button and after this you can rent.

Just set your email address and password as sign up process provided, and click Sign In.

If you forgot your password just click Forgotten password and a system send you a reminder, after you can change your password.

If you want to delete your account at your dashboard go to settings and at bottom of page you can delete account.

Every owner set price of the product, after booking process and pay you can contact with the owner.

iCurrant price and fee is just 10% of all booking price

You can set when want to rent and set until you will use a product, in booking process: owner will accept and provide the product for you.

You can pay with Paypal, Creditcard: Mastercard, Visa, American Express.
Paying service provided by Paypal

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